Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spare a Rose, Save a Child! This Valentine's Day

My recent interest in the progress of the artificial pancreas has made me realize that while this helps fan the flames of hope here, there are also certain things we take for granted, like the widespread availability of insulin in the United States. To be sure, it comes at a certain expense, more significant for some than for others, and depending upon the availability and the terms of one's prescription plan, but it is widely available.  Picture your drive to work or school this morning.  Odds are you passed bottles and bottles of insulin, stacked inside the refrigerators of the many pharmacies scattered around even our smaller towns.  But many other countries are different. Insulin is not so widely available, and as others have pointed out on their D-blogs this week, type 1 diabetes in other countries may still most likely be a quickly fatal disease, due largely to lack of availability of insulin and other basic elements of diabetes care. So please join me and others in the "spare a rose, save a child!" campaign, and consider donating to this great cause so that insulin, which we often take for granted here in the United States, might be made available to someone else less fortunate beyond our borders. Donate here, please. Thank you.


  1. Adds quite a different perspective, doesn't it?

    Thanks for helping to spread the word.

  2. Thanks for bing a part of the amazing DOC turnout for Spare A Rose. I love your mix of our interest in better care here and needs around the world. I applaud the idea that we should be active not only locally and this sure was a fun crowd to do that with.

    Thank for being part of #SpareARose.

    Lets do it again sometime.